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AfriTan tannery was first established in 2002 by craig van heerden in a farm shed in dundee, northern kwa zulu natal.

craig qualified in the tanning of game skins and hair on hides at the international school of tanning technology in grahamstown.

in 2009 hanno van den berg joined AfriTan. hanno qualified at the school of tanning technology and has 7 years of previous tanning experience from one of the leading tanneries in the country.

AfriTan specializes in the tanning of nguni hides, sheep skins and game skins which are beautifully and skilfully stitched into products which are sold worldwide.

AfriTan also has a retail shop in dundee.

due to demand AfriTan has become largely mechanised. this has improved the quality and quantity of the hides tanned. the tannery currently tans 800 nguni hides, 2000 springbuck skins, 1200 sheep skins and various other game skins every month.

all our marketed nguni hides are branded with a stamp stating that in our never ending pursuit of quality, sustainability and reliability, the customer is assured of excellence. our stamp also reassures customers that they are buying genuine nguni and not the south american imported texas long horn breed.

nguni hides are a rich assortment of colour and pattern variations. the more dominant colours are black, white and brown and in less common instances, dun, or yellow or a combination of three colours.

each of the varying hide patterns has a zulu name closely associated to an animal, bird, plant or other natural wonder. although it is not necessarily limited to this natural association for example, on the odd occasion, a beast may be described by the pattern of the hide itself.

nguni hides are highly functional and decorative and make beautiful floor rugs and furniture coverings as well as handbags and many other décor and household items.

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